Would you sunbathe without sunscreen?

Would you take a tray out of the oven without gloves?

So... Why do you overexpose your eyes to blue light without any protection?

digital age, what is blue light?

From the moment we get up, we remain "glued" to digital devices, spending more than 5 hours on average in front of the screens (computers, mobile phones, tablets ...). The pressure to which we expose our eyes is excessive.

Blue light is the most powerful energy within the visible spectrum of the human eye and manages to reach the retina. With the increasing use of LED and LCD devices, our direct exposure to this type of light has grown exponentially.

How does it affect us?

How does it affect us?

eye fatigue and strain

tired and blurred vision

dry and itchy eyes


macular degeneration

blue light affects the cellular tissue in the center of the retina and can accelerate macular degeneration (AMD).

sleep disorders

blue light interferes with the secretion of melatonin that regulates sleep cycles, at night it causes the brain to send us the wrong message: It's dawn, get going! What makes it difficult to fall asleep and rest.

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