We complement OFFICIAL

Because of our work in marketing and fashion we needed to be hyper connected to digital devices, and who is not today? Work, social networks, series... Even to listen to music we keep looking at the screens.

Headaches and reddened eyes at the end of the workday were frequent and even though we were defeated in bed, falling asleep was no easy task. We mistakenly thought they were inevitable symptoms of our day-to-day lives, something that simply came as standard with our 'digital generation'.

Then one day, one of us gathered and said to us, "We are giving a reed to our eyes, that if instead of seeing, they would speak, they would withdraw the word to us.! "I had discovered how blue light on digital screens affected us.

What started with an afternoon of pizza, illusions and muuuchas ideas, has become Apricotte, the place where we have turned everything we would like to find into a brand. And well, to be honest, what we would like to find in our lives.We like to do W.E.L.