Apricotte was born from the union of three friends with the same
trouble. Due to our work in marketing and fashion
we needed to be hyper-connected to the devices
digital, but who is not today? We all suffered,
our way, the effects of blue light.
Headaches, red eyes every other day
too ... And we weren't enjoying a very
restorative to say. We mistakenly thought that
These symptoms were unavoidable, they simply came from
series with our “digital generation”.

Then one day, one of us, brought us together to tell us:
“Guys, our eyes don't speak, but they're
crying out for help! " I had discovered blue light and
how it was affecting us.
What started with an afternoon of pizza, ideas and lots of
(very much) illusion, has become Apricotte, the
project where we have dumped everything we would like
find in a brand. And well, to be honest, a little
of what we would like to find in our lives.
We like to W.E.L.