Walker blue light

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The perfect choice if you're looking for style and versatility with originality. WalkerComments more than a month ago Blue glassesThe only one you'll never be bored with Also available graduate.

  • Blue block CR39 organics Ensure that the blue wavelengths of transparent categories are blocked to the maximum extent.
  • Premium saddle stayacetic acidgray High quality, color detailed side.
  • treatmentAnti reflector, anti racism and hyper phobia.
  • Improve clarity on the screen They will neutralize the flash
  • 100% UV protection. Cataract protection.
  • Multi screen"Suitable for computer, tablet, mobile..."
  • Flexible hinges for perfect adjustment.
  • Measurement (mm): 51 width lens × 19 width bridge × 145 long slide plate.
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