Child Blue Light Glasses

Children's glasses for computer and screens. Perfect to avoid eye damage when learning and playing in front of the screens of digital devices. Fun and lightweight designs equipped with the best blue light technology. Protecting your eyes was never so easy!
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Blue light glasses for children

Exposure time to small house screens has increased exponentially in recent years. A habit that, although common, carries certain risks to your health if you do not get adequate protection. We must try to correct as much as possible over-eyebrows and malpractice.

It protects the sight of the little ones with the blue light glasses for children.

The eyes of boys and girls at early ages are forming and need good protection from the most harmful rays of blue light. Optimal protection for the first 12-14 years of your life will help you have better vision and fewer eye problems in adulthood. It is worth keeping this in mind because the more we take care of ourselves at child ages, the better the quality of life when we get older.

Fun and original designs of blue light glasses for children.

Children also deserve to protect themselves from blue light with frame designs that make them feel comfortable and look good. As it happens to adults, however much they tell you something is good for you, if you don't end up liking it, in the end we use it much less than we should. For this reason, in Apricotte we took this very seriously and created collections of blue light glasses for children who really liked them. We don't like the philosophy of: "This is good for you and you put it on because I say it." We have preferred to involve the protagonists from the beginning so that they tell us about their tastes, interests and their experience wearing our glasses. That's why we're pretty sure we offer a collection they really like.

Playing protected was never that important.

New generations are destined to spend a lot of their lives staring at digital screens. So much so that not only education, which has been vertiginously incorporated into the use of tablets and virtual developments, but also much of its leisure is going to be done through a screen. From here we recommend limiting children's exposure to non-active experiences in front of screens and that the time they do so always protect their eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by devices' screens.

Minimizes the effect of screens on children.

We are the digital generation and it would not be realistic to ask our children not to use any digital devices. Digital technology will be increasingly present in all actions that enable life in society. It will take your knowledge and mastery to be integrated, but that is not at odds, with making use of reasonable technology to minimize the negative effects of screen overexposure, not only at the eye level, but also for overall health.

Once again we insist that children's leisure time with screens be always limited and that they always intercut with active cognitive development actions, and if possible require some physical exercise. We recommend that whenever they are in front of screens they be protected with blue anti-light glasses for children and always avoid, as far as possible, looking at digital screens at night. Only informational warnings but in case of any doubt, we recommend to go to a pediatrician.

Frequent questions

Do children need to protect themselves against the blue light on screens?

We believe that like adults, children would also benefit from blue-light protection. Children's eyes are especially vulnerable and are not designed to look at such powerful light sources for so many hours a day. The harmful effects of blue light cause vision problems and eye fatigue. Our blue light glasses for children, not only block the most energetic part of the blue light, but improve and soften the experience in front of the screens so that the eyes suffer less.

Can I feel safe if my kids wear blue anti-light glasses?

Yes, the blue block glasses for children of Apricotte, have no side effects or counterproductive. They are glasses without graduation so they would not be accustoming the eyes to an extra increase. We would only be able to slow down, as far as possible, the eye fatigue caused by overexposure to the screens. Something similar to what sunscreen does with the skin. When we are going to be exposed to sunlight continuously, we protect our skin because it is not prepared to receive sunlight so directly. Our eyes are also not naturally designed to stare at screens for a long time. Any extra protection we give them will help them better withstand the pressure they receive in the form of blue light.

How can I get my child to wear blue anti-light glasses for children?

We always recommend that you get involved in the buying process, ask what model you like best and advise you also from our experience. Although short in age, children are small people with their own personality and defined tastes. Dialogue and agreement on both sides also often work. Forcing them "by force of authority" to wear children's computer glasses often does not work well (because of the information we have from our parent customers).