pacific blue light

59.00 €

Sometimes it is necessary to build bridges between reason and heart so that dreams can reach their destination. Start fulfilling yours with our computer goggles'Pacific' without graduationwith 'double bridge'.

  • CR39 Organic blue block lens. They guarantee maximum locking of blue light wavelengths of the transparent category.
  • Premium mount InAcetatehigh quality carey.
  • Treatments: anti-reflux, anti-drift and superhydrophobic.
  • Improve on-screen sharpness and neutralize the flash.
  • 100% UV protection outdoors. Cataract protection.
  • Multi: suitable for computer, tablet, mobile...
  • Flexible hinged design for a perfect fit.
  • Measurements (mm): 50 wide lens x 21 wide bridge x 140 long pins.
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