frosted d. blue light

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Dreams are not found in the frozen section. Cook them over low heat and taste them well when they are fulfilled. Start chasing yours with our computer glasses blue lightwithout graduation "frosted dream".

  • Lens blue block CR39 Organic. They ensure maximum lock of blue light wavelengths of the transparent category.
  • Unisex premium mount. The only ones indull silver-plating!
  • Treatments: antireflex, antirayon and superhydrophobic.
  • Improve on-screen sharpness and neutralize the flash.
  • 100% UV outdoor protection. Protection from cataracts.
  • Multiscreen: suitable for computer, tablet, mobile...
  • Design ultralight inspired by a 1964 archival model.
  • Measurements (mm): 49 lens width x 21 bridge width x 140 I give sideburns.
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