ice graduates

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As your Argentinian psychotherapist would say... it's not you, it's them! If you notice that suddenly your boss pays more attention to you at work meetings, sorry, it's not just your Power Points, it's your Ice Apricotte!

  • CR39 Organic blue block lens. They guarantee maximum locking of blue light wavelengths of the transparent category.
  • Premium mount InAcetatetransparent high quality.
  • Treatments: anti-reflux, anti-drift and superhydrophobic.
  • Improve on-screen sharpness and neutralize the flash.
  • 100% UV protection outdoors. Cataract protection.
  • Multi: suitable for computer, tablet, mobile...
  • Flexible hinged design for a perfect fit.
  • Measurements (mm): 50 wide lens x 21 wide bridge x 145 long pins.
  • Free shipping and return*