Blue light ice

59.00 €

Like your Argentine psychologist said It's not you, it's them! If you notice that your boss is suddenly paying more attention to you at work meetings, I'm sorry, it's not just your strength point, it's your Apricote ice! Blue glasses No diploma. It's time to graduate)

  • Blue block CR39 organics Ensure that the blue wavelengths of transparent categories are blocked to the maximum extent.
  • Premium saddle stayacetic acidTransparent high quality.
  • treatmentAnti reflector, anti racism and hyper phobia.
  • Improve clarity on the screen They will neutralize the flash
  • 100% UV protection. Cataract protection measures.
  • Multi screen"Suitable for computer, tablet, mobile..."
  • Flexible hinges for perfect adjustment.
  • Measurement (mm): 50 wide lens × 21 wide bridge × 145 long slide plate.
  • Free delivery and return*