Do you know how blue light is affecting your health?

October 14, 2020

¿Sabes cómo está afectando la luz azul a tu salud?

Blue Light Exposed online support professionals have published a list of negative and positive effects related to exposure to blue light.

As mentioned above, the blue light present in the sun helps us balance our sleep cycles, called circadian cycles and it is positive to receive its light, especially in the morning and at dusk.

However, the overexposure we make every day (without blue light glasses) in front of the screens of digital devices is being related to serious health problems, beyond merely eyepieces.

It is important that we make responsible use of computers, TVs and mobiles and that the time we need to use in front of them, we effectively protect ourselves with screen savers or computer goggles that guarantee a real lock, beyond a simple blue filter that offers no guarantees.

Take good care of yourself.


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