The 6 Things You Need to Know About Blue Light

June 24, 2019

Las 6 cosas que necesitas saber sobre la luz azul

Have you ever wondered what is blue light and how can you protect yourself from its harmful effects? Here are six proven facts to know about blue light.

1. It's everywhere! In fact, sunlight is the main natural source of blue light. However, the artificial LED light used for interior lighting and electronic device displays are alarmingly increasing our exposure to this type of energy-efficient light.

2. Reduces melatonin levels: overexposure to blue light decreases the levels of melatonin our body produces. Melatonin is an essential hormone that helps us fall asleep and rest well at night so that our bodies can repair themselves.

3. Eyes cannot naturally block blue light: The eye is better able to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the retina than blue light rays. It's really important to use blue anti-light goggles blocking the waves of this type of light emitted by the screens, to avoid the damage they can cause to the eyes.

4. Main cause of eye fatigue: the main source of eye fatigue is blue light. The one that comes from nature disperses more easily than those that come to us by artificial forms. The more you look at an electronic device, the contrasts on the screen decrease, the more visual effort is required, causing digital eye strain.

5. Increased risk of eye diseases: overexposure to blue light can cause serious problems, such as macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss. In the short term, symptoms of overexposure to blue light may include headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, swollen eyes, and even eye pain.

6. Not all blue light is bad. It is important to remember that 'the bad' is the overexposure we make to artificial blue light. Sunlight is healthy for us and helps our brains know when it's time to start calming down and producing melatonin. In fact, light therapy is commonly used to treat seasonal affective disorder, which helps people increase Serotonin.

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